Mrs. Melissa Goc

    6th Grade School Counselor


    (716) 686-3651

    As a School Counselor, I work with students that may need additonal support in the areas of social/emotional, academics and behavior. Currently I meet with students both individually and in groups.  If you have any questions regarding your child's academics or are concerned about their social/emotional wellness, please contact me at mgoc@ccsd-k12.org or call me at (716) 686-3651.  

    Groups currently ruuning:

    Coping Cat

    The Coping Cat program is designed to help build confidence in students who may present challenges with assertiveness, anxiety, shyness and/or fear of daily situations.  Group sessions include conversation around coping methods, practice of social skills and role-plays.

    Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS)

    The Social Skills Improvement System helps students develop, improve and maintain important social skills. Groups sessions include conversation around real life social situations, practice of social skills and role-play.


    Skillstreaming employs a four part training approach - modeling, role-playing, performance feedback and generalization - to teach essential pro-social skills to children and adolescents.


    School Counselor