• Mrs. Heidi Maloney

    6th Grade Special Education Consultant Teacher

    (716) 686-3600 x6567



    Welcome to my website! 

    It is currently under construction as I learn our new layout. 


    If you need to reach me with any questions or concerns, I can be reached at the phone number and email address listed above.  Email is my preferred method of communciation, as I am able to check it throughout the day and respond quickly.  I check my voicemail as well, and will always return your phone call.  Due to the fact that my free period is 1st period, I do not always receive messages that are left later in the day until the next morning.  If your call is in regards to an urgent matter, please call the Middle School Office at 686-3660 or the Middle School Counseling Center at 686-3649.  Please do not leave voicemails about picking your children up early incase I do not receive it, or am absent. All 6th grade students have Mrs. Melissa Goc as their guidance counselor. If I am unable to be reached, she can also assist you.